elizabeth christoforetti


Elizabeth Christoforetti works broadly across scales as a strategic thinker and an architectural and urban designer. Within the Social Computing Group, she leads the Big Data for Small Places study, which aims to better understand and improve urban places for people through new methods of data collection and quantitative analysis. The Big Data for Small Places team was recently awarded a Prototype Fund grant through the Knight Foundation for Placelet, a system for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data on the human experience of urban places.

Elizabeth is a founder of Supernormal, a design project created to understand the potential of new forms of urban data for the programming and design of small places and the buildings that frame them. Supernormal leverages new data sources to test the mass customization of common urban typologies, such as multifamily housing units, for local places and their cultural contexts.

Elizabeth grew up in Pittsburgh, Miami, and northern Michigan and currently lives in Cambridge. She studied religion at Bowdoin College in Maine and painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She received an MArch with Distinction from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, where she received the Henry Adams Medal, the school’s highest academic honor. Elizabeth currently holds a fellowship in the Social Computing Group and has served as a lecturer and studio coordinator at Northeastern University since 2009, where she taught graduate and undergraduate architecture studios.