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Our mission is create loosely coupled, decentralized social systems that foster healthier real-world environments.

We do this by:

  1. designing holistic, human-scale patterns for our urban landscape.
  2. creating social processes that foster the creation, maintenance, and evolution of these patterns.
  3. writing software to enable these social processes.

Our current focus is on on systems for learning, transportation, and agriculture. In learning, our basic pattern is a one-room Montessori schoolhouse. In agriculture, our basic pattern is a small-scale permaculture food forest. And in transportation, our basic pattern is the bicycle. Our research integrates techniques in data mining and visualization to connect people with information, social computational techniques to connect people with one another, and cultural and artistic techniques to help unlock their human potential. We are an interdisciplinary lab consisting of computer scientists, mathematicians, artists, architects, designers, and educators.